Mouse Not Found


MomentaMouse enables mouse-users to use touch-style scrolling and flicking gestures to navigate websites.

Web developers can easily add MomentaMouse functionality to a website.


MomentaMouse is disabled because a mouse was not found. Please attach a mouse to this device or try later with a device that has a mouse.

MomentaMouse is enabled and works with touch screen devices such as this. However, only input from a mouse can trigger a MomentaMouse scroll. Input from your finger, or input from a mouse being used with an emulator, is considered touch input, and is handled by the operating system or browser, not MomentaMouse.


Contained Carousel (Bouncy Inside)

Contained Carousel (Bouncy Outside)

Uncontained Carousel

Combination Scroller

Horizontal and Vertical Scroller

Horizontal-Only Scroller

Vertical-Only Scroller

Horizontal and Vertical Scroller (Right-to-Left)